Vote for Future of ID


December 12, 2018

Vote Future of ID

Take 3 Minutes to Vote for the Future of ID 

By now, you have likely heard from IDSA, HIVMA and colleagues about the vote to update the Society bylaws. For the vote to be successful, we need 20 percent of the membership to participate. We are nearly there, but we need you to help us cross the finish line. 

Please take the time to vote for the future of ID. We are asking for your vote to move from a Nominations Committee to a Leadership Development Committee. The Leadership Development Committee will allow us to identify gaps in leadership and recruit volunteers with unique experiences and skill sets to help the Society respond to current issues and opportunities. It will also help us tap into a new pool of potential leaders and volunteers with diverse competencies and backgrounds, which supports our inclusion, diversity, access and equity efforts. The second proposed change to the bylaws is to simply rename the Finance Committee to the Investment Committee. This is a change in name only, designed to better reflect the charge of the committee and its strategic overview and stewardship of IDSA’s investments and reserves. Learn more here

A reminder ballot with the subject line “Bylaws Changes” will be sent tomorrow, Dec. 13, to voting members who have not yet cast their ballots.  Please look for this email – it could be in your spam folder -- and take the time to vote. If you did not receive an emailed ballot or have questions about voting online, please contact Election Services Corporation by email at or call 1-866-720-HELP (4357), 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST.