February 6, 2019


IDSA Supporting Medical Student Education on AMR and Stewardship

At the invitation of IDSA members, Amanda Jezek, IDSA’s Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs, spoke recently to a group of medical students at Albert Einstein College of Medicine about federal policy efforts to address antimicrobial resistance and promote antimicrobial stewardship and opportunities for medical students to conduct research on AMR and engage in advocacy on this issue. 

This presentation was part of a larger session that provided a general overview of AMR and stewardship, featured stories of patients harmed by multidrug resistant infections and C. difficile infections, and tested medical students’ knowledge and attitudes about antimicrobial drug use. The medical students were engaged and asked questions on a wide range of related topics, including global efforts to curb resistance, antibiotic use in agriculture, and strategies for handling patients who may insist upon an unnecessary antibiotic prescription.

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