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How to write an essay in English

Almost all English language exams and various performance competitions for which it is necessary to submit an essay to the jury and the evaluation committee. It is this work that will give you, characterize your perception, your worldview, your knowledge and your potential.

What is an essay? An essay is a short piece of prose, free time, that sets out individual experiences and opinions on a particular problem or topic. Initially, your own essay is your description as a defining or comprehensive product.

How to write an essay in English? An essay can be written on a topic that you propose, or on a free topic that you choose yourself, regardless of whether the work is strictly a defining topic. If you need to do my homework on a given topic, there is no way out - you should try to reflect your knowledge and point of view in this small piece of text! There are examples that only show your point of view. In this case, the verifier can decide on computational work. Your essay will be memorable, lexical and grammatically beautiful. And yes, mistakes are discouraged!

All compositions should flow smoothly into each other, all thoughts should be connected. A special dictionary or McEssay will help you with this, which will help you to correct your opinion.

For example, if you add only such words (among other things), and also (well and how), moreover (in addition to the same). Look at the opposition, but (for now), however (but), on the other side (on the other side), nevertheless (even if already), on the contrary (in fact, on the contrary, on the contrary), the Restriction may consist in words, despite despite / despite the (more) obvious reason or result that something happens in the following language: hence (so (so) as result (as a result of this)), therefore, leads to, it leads to. Note the order and order of adverbs - then (later), then (and further), after (after), finally / finally (finally).

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