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Texans With HIV Cope With Homes and Medicines Ruined by Hurricane Harvey

Angelia Soloman watched out the window of her ranch house in northeast Houston as the floodwaters rose up to the windowsills.

After the Flood: Handling Harvey Health Hazards

Hurricane Harvey, they face several infectious

Man who repaired Harvey-flooded homes dies of flesh-eating bacteria

Hurricane Harvey has claimed another

Puerto Rico investigates post-hurricane disease outbreak

Four deaths in Hurricane Maria's

Health officials watching mosquitoes in Texas after Harvey

Health officials in Texas will be on watch in coming weeks for any increases in mosquito-borne diseases including the West Nile and Zika viruses after Harvey's heavy rains and flooding brought water that filled ponds and ditches and crept into trash and debris that piled up.

A Doctor Who Weathered Katrina Now Tends Victims of Harvey

As Dr. Ruth Berggren digests the calamity affecting her new home state of Texas, she admits to some PTSD.

Harvey flood victims could face 'unusual' infectious disease threats

catastrophic flooding caused by Harvey, which may

Preventing the Spread of Disease After a Hurricane

a hurricane can leave those in its path

Hurricane Matthew Could Make Florida's Zika Problem Worse

walloped by Hurricane Matthew, the now-Category