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    This is a great topic to launch Melanie. By way of background I was funded by the NIH from 1986 through 2015 when I retired, largely doing clinical research in the US and Africa. I also served as an ID fellowship director and had 3 different Fogarty ...

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    Thank you for this reply. Not only am I interested in obtaining this information for myself and others, I was also considering using it when I go back for my doctorate. I'm really curious to see what the committee creates.

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    In terms of your work environment, I'm interested in hearing more about your autonomy in practice as physicians as hospitals begin to employ more and more physicians (in contrast to the past standard of owning one's own practice). ------------------------------ ...

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Healthcare-Associated Ventriculitis and Meningitis

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Sophia Koo, MD, SM, FIDSA has been selected as a semifinalist in the first round of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Antimicrobial Resistance Diagnostic Challenge, a $20 million federal prize competition seeking innovative, rapid point-of-care laboratory diagnostic tests to combat the development and spread of drug resistant bacteria. Dr. Koo will receive $50,000 to develop her concept, “Breath volatile metabolites for the rapid identification of pneumonia etiology,” into a prototype. The proposal outlines a novel approach to community acquired pneumonia (CAP) diagnosis based on distinct differences in the breath volatile metabolite profiles of patients with bacterial vs. viral pneumonia.

Dr. Koo is with Harvard Medical and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and is a member of IDSA’s Diagnostics Committee.


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    The mosquito species that's the main carrier of the Zika virus might also transmit two other viruses -- chikungunya and dengue -- in a single ...

  • In Minnesota, a measles outbreak exposes the gaps in public health

    Generally speaking, Somalis in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are not facing a lack of access to health care providers. At least, ...

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    2017 June CDC Emerging & Infectious Disease Preparedness Simulation Training

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IDSA has been important in my career in infectious disease. IDSA also plays a big role in advocacy and drawing attention to key issues. It's exciting to be a part of that and feel that I have an avenue for my voice to be heard.
Ingrid Bassett, MD, MPH, FIDSA
The idea that I could link epidemiology with my fundamental knowledge of how microorganisms work, along with diagnostic microbiology...this is an amazing way to put the pieces of the puzzles together about how infectious diseases work in human beings.
Lucy Tompkins, MD, PhD, FIDSA
I always like mystery stories growing up and you have to be very astute...You have to look at the symptoms, the geography, the home and social situation to solve the mystery of their problem.
Susan Bleasdale, MD
You can take a patient in front of you, and within a short amount of time with your clinical care, have an enormous impact.
John Lynch, MD, MPH
Understanding the pathogenesis of infectious diseases requires a knowledge of pathology, immunology, especially microbiology. The discipline allows practitioners to combine all of those, and there's never a dull moment.
Philip Polgreen, MD, MPH
I just became a member of IDSA this year, and I find it amazing how supportive IDSA has been to me so far.
Noah Kojima, MD