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Writing a doctoral dissertation

It is noteworthy that when searching for a dissertation topic, information about the company offering the extraneous text is displayed first. But this is not surprising, since most people have to associate with a dissertation, first of all, one thing - also known as a doctoral dissertation: a lot of work. Hopefully you will have a doctorate at the end of your dissertation, will show you what you should consider when writing your dissertation.

Before being admitted to doctoral studies, you will usually have a master's / master's degree or state examination in subjects with a state examination such as law, medicine, or teaching.

With a doctorate in your subject, you not only receive the highest academic degree (a professor is not an academic degree, but an official title), but usually this is a basic requirement for subsequent habilitation.

It doesn't matter if you are writing your dissertation at a university or in absentia at another institution. However, there is a big difference between dissertations and other dissertations: they have to be published, which usually requires a certain cost.

When you write a dissertation, you demonstrate that you can work independently from a scientific point of view, that is, you are able to acquire complex knowledge, express it in your own words, draw conclusions from it and be able to supplement it with new research.

Unlike coursework, the dissertation should have additional value; In this way, you contribute to the accumulation of knowledge in your department with your new research results.

Another distinguishing feature of a doctoral dissertation is that its volume is usually much higher than that of the previous one. Theses are preceded by extensive research, both in terms of topic selection and research into the literature.

Particularly in the humanities, a dissertation can be anywhere from 150 to 400 pages long, so earning a doctorate can be time-consuming and can take up to four years. In medicine, it looks different. There, the dissertation can also be 30 pages long, mostly it is written together with the dissertation.

Write your dissertation: the cost of writing articles
There are reasons that draw attention to writing. For example, if you already have a family, you may not be able to muster the strength to devote yourself to a dissertation, so you can turn to for help.

For others, it may be a lack of specialized knowledge or fear of a blank piece of paper, which raises the question: Do I need to write a dissertation?

This issue should be viewed from three points of view:

You are not allowed to submit abstracts written by a ghost author. It can only serve as the basis for your own work, that is, a ghost author can carry out extensive literary research, source classification, and the like for you. You can also benefit from support when choosing a theme, structuring, editing, and more.

The dissertation is proof of your personal contribution. The more help you get from ghost writers, the less you personally will be in it. Therefore, you must check for yourself whether you can reconcile this with your conscience.

Writing a dissertation is expensive. Of course, the price depends on various factors such as the volume and volume of research. Some service providers do not provide specific pricing information because their servers are threatening to collapse in plagiarism scandals, as is the case with various politicians, because apparently a lot of people are suddenly interested in the cost of a dissertation. Optional requests are possible. The following numbers can serve as a guideline: The provider provides an 80-page diploma or master's thesis for approximately 4500 euros. Another provider names their writing prices "from 62 euros" per page - it will be at least 12,400 euros for a thesis of 200 pages. Either way, you can probably easily calculate a small dissertation machine.

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